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Professional Artists Performing for the Aging (PAPA)

This is a group of professional entertainers who provides quality entertainment to the aging. This group was sphere headed by Wendy L. Gordon in 2014.

She has been performing professionally throughout the metropolitan area at the Sheldon Concert Hall, restaurants and several premier venue. In addition she has volunteered her talents to perform in showcases with the Missouri Pageant Alumni Club (formerly the Cameo Club) providing entertainment for the aging since 2010 in senior center in assistant living and some nursing Facilities. Currently she has performed in over 100 showcases.

When she saw the smiles on their faces and the deep heartfelt appreciation she received from the patrons after each performance she knew this is something that she must continue do. Being a senior plus an entertainer herself she understood the need to gather a few of her professional friends to provide quality entertainment such as storytellers, vocalists, musicians, actors, wordsmith etc. to come along with her to place a smile in hearts and minds of our aging.

Currently she has been gathering resourceful information to obtain a rooster of facilities that PAPA will be providing quality entertainment for. In addition, she gathering information about obtaining grant/s to pay artist for their performances.

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